Pricing for Weddings at Thunder Mountain Lodge

Hosting a wedding at Thunder Mountain Lodge is a little bit different than other locations.  You have the freedom to do whatever you would like with the area for the weekend.  You can set up a large event tent, bring up a food truck, port-a-potties, and whatever you would like!  We charge $1000 as a venue fee, $250 as a security deposit, and you are required to rent all of the cabins for 2 nights.  We charge for 5 people in each cabin regardless of how many people you put in the cabin.  When you buy out the lodge, we do not charge extra for pets, personal tents, or rv’s.

Venue Fee$1000
Security Deposit$250
Cabins for 2 nights$3240
Resort Fees$162

You can reference this other blog post that has some pictures of previous weddings.

Things you want to keep in mind:
Unfortunately, we do not have an indoor space for a large gathering.  You are welcome to set up an outdoor event tent.  Also, since you are renting all of the cabins, you do have ample room to store food in the refrigerators, and you have 9 working kitchens.

If you plan on having family and friends stay in the cabins, there are no other bathrooms for your group, and we highly suggest having port-a-potties brought up for your guests that are not in cabins.

You are welcome to play music, but we ask that all loud music be turned off by 10 pm.  We are right across the lake from a campground, and the sound tends to travel.  This does not mean you have to go to bed, you just need to keep the music to a minimum.

Payment schedule for weddings:
$1250 is due when you pick your dates, and we block the cabins for your group.  Most people reserve their dates about a year in advance.
50% of the cabin rentals is due 6 months prior to the wedding date.
The second 50% is due one moth prior to the wedding date.

Please e-mail us if you have any questions.