Weddings At Thunder Mountain Lodge

This summer/fall we are hosting four weddings here at Thunder Mountain Lodge.  The first two went great and we are looking forward to two more!  What’s great is that you can have all of your friends stay and party with you all night, and then they can stay in all the cabins, set up their personal tents, or bring up their campers.  You can use the rental company we work with to set up a large event tent, or chance the weather without one.  We rent you the cabins and charge a venue fee, but for the most part we are out of the picture.  You are renting the space and have fun!

Here are some photos from the wedding August 5th, 2017:


Here are some photos from the wedding September 9th, 2017:






There is a 2 night minimum on the cabins, so each cabin is $175/night + taxes & fees.
The total for all 10 cabins with all taxes & fees would be $3924.91.  So now your friends and family have somewhere to stay for 2 nights.  If you are looking at our website, you will notice that $175 is higher than our normal cabin rate, but our cabin rates are based on 2 people, and we charge and extra $10/night/person or pet.  You can park as many campers as you’d like, and you can put up as many personal sleeping tents as you’d like.  We usually charge per person, pet, camper, and tent, but this way we won’t be stressing out, and hopefully you won’t be either.  Also you have the 10 cabins, you can assign one or two as restrooms for your guests or you can rent port a potties and bring them up.
Wedding Venue Fee:  $1000 + $250 for a security deposit.  You pay $1250, but if you do a good job cleaning up, and don’t trash our property, you get $250 back.  We think this is pretty fair.

Now if you want to rent a tent:  Depends what you want to get, but on the high end, if you get two tents, side walls, tables & chairs (as shown in the pictures from 9/9/17) The total is roughly $3000.  Probably less…

So for around than $8000 you have lodging, a venue, an event tent with tables & chairs.  Also since about $4000 is lodging, you can collect that from your friends and family who are staying in the cabins.  Weddings are expensive, but all you would need now is food, alcohol, decorations, a photographer, music, & an officiant.  nbd….