Snowmobile Tours on the Grand Mesa

Winter is here again!

If you are new to the Grand Mesa or the surrounding areas (Grand Junction, Cedaredge, or Delta), you really need to come and explore the Mesa in the winter! Let us show you around on a guided snowmobile tour!

Snowmobile Guided Tour Grand Mesa




Snowmobile Tours

Our snowmobile tours let you discover a new type of adventure and cover a vast area of the Grand Mesa in just a few hours. We start out at our lodge, make sure you are fully equipped and have instructions for the operation of your snowmobile. Then we lead you out the back yard to the network of groomed trails in the area.

Each year, we like to explore new areas of the Grand Mesa, and then we are able to keep our snowmobile tours fresh and exciting for our repeat customers. Snowmobiling on some single track through the woods is always a highlight for our tours. We make sure to hit some amazing views overlooking the valleys below, and of course an open meadow, so you can see what your snowmobile can do. Don’t worry if you get stuck in some snow, our guides are experts at getting snowmobiles unstuck! But you will have to help, and in the process, you will become a better rider.

Grand Mesa Snowmobiling View
Distant Mountain Views

Safety First!

We like to make sure each tour follows this guideline: safety, fun, learning. So our first concern is making sure you are safe, next make sure you are having fun, and finally, maybe you learn something and become a better snowmobiler, or maybe you just learn something about the Grand Mesa. We have a wealth of knowledge about the area and about the wildlife. In the winter, we see many tracks of animals in the snow. It’s always nice to see them and know that this forest is rich with life and activity.

Snowmobile Tour on the Grand Mesa
Single Track Through the Trees



Gear Up!

Did you know that on our snowmobile tours, you could show up in street clothes, and we have all the gear to keep you warm for the snowy adventure! Snowsuits, boots, helmets, goggles, gloves, and neck gators. We also have delicious hot chocolate for after your snowmobile tour (with plenty of marshmallows!!) to warm you back up! Mmmmm!

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