Summer is here!

Summer has arrived in full force!  It was a looooooong winter.  The ice is finally gone, and people are visiting!  We have actually been sold out the last few weekends.  We have been renting out our boats too!  The canoes, rowboat, inflatable kayaks, stand up paddleboards, and the hydrobike.

The majority of our customers have been amazing and have been giving us so much support.  We have people driving by and walking in just to say how happy they are that the cabins have reopened.  The community of people that have shown their support is amazing.  Plus with a few new marketing strategies, we have people here that have never even been to the area.  So we are thrilled at the success we have already had.  It’s also interesting to see that most of our customers are just from below the Mesa.  While it may be 95+ down in Grand Junction and Delta, it has been nice and cool up at the lodge.  So people come up for a few days just to escape the heat.  There are a few snow banks left up here.  You do have to go find them….  They are hiding back in the cool of the thick forest.

We had a few friends stay with us over the winter, and it has been a long process to be officially open.  We can now announce that we have our forest service permit and WE ARE OPEN!!!  We are renting cabins and taking reservations.  Also, we have an employee for the summer, Abby.  She is here helping and learning about a small business.  We are so excited to have people come stay with us, so please book your reservation, and come visit our cabins!

Jeff put me in charge of fixing up cabin number three for renting.  I started in the bathroom.  Holy!  Who decided to paint it poo brown??  And if you are going to paint something poo brown, make sure the paint dries without dripping….  Cuz it looked like poo dripping down the walls!  Grossssssss!!!

I went in and had to sand the drips because they were so bad.  Then I taped (which the previous person did not do…. there’s still some brown on the back of the toilet).  I thought that the creamy buttery yellow color I chose would go nicely with the brown on the trim.  Since the previous painter painted all of the trim, walls, floor, and plumbing.  What really ended up happening, was I traded one bad paint job for another.  I guess I didn’t really adhere the tape properly. 

 So there was yellow paint all over the brown trim that I was trying to save.  Well….. that wasn’t acceptable to me.  It had to go.  I decided that the easiest way would be to carefully remove the trim, sand it, paint it, and rehang it.  Long story short, that did work.  The trim looks awesome now!  Long story is that I chose this pale blue color, and when paired with the creamy buttery yellow of the walls, it looked like a baby’s room.  

We then got a darker blue, but Jeff picked it out.  I was hoping for more of a navy, but he got a deep ocean blue?  Not sure how to describe it.  Instead of painting the trim outright one color, since I had already painted it pale blue.  I put a sponge finish on it with the darker blue.  It looks so amazing!

Also in cabin three, I used my pallet wood and made a cool finish to the side of the cabinets, behind the heater, and a shelf in the bathroom. 

 I have totally taken to pinterest.  It is the mecca of ideas for this place.  Anything I want to do, I can find on pinterest.  I found a post about using pallet wood to make a wall, and I ran with it.  I got different translucent stains from Home Depot.  The sample size bottle is only $3.  I have done so much with these stains.  It was well worth the $10 spent for three colors.  We do also have two other stain colors that we’ve been using on the cabins, so I guess it might cost more than $10….You can find the Thunder Mtn pinterest and follow me if you’d like.  I have some fun pins!

I also did not want to take the easy way out on the kitchen area.  I scraped the window and repainted it properly.  I even got some paint remover so it wouldn’t be all bumpy around the window panes.  

Then the cabinets, I didn’t just rub more stain on, I sanded and completely re-stained.  

The cabinets look amazing.  This cabin had two futons, but one was broken.  So instead of replacing the broken one, I just took it out.  Well, Abby helped of course!  But now it is more open, and has a nice flow.  Not all of our cabins need to be jammed full of people.  This one is for two – four people.  And that is only if you want to share a futon.

I am so proud of cabin number three! I hope to hear from you soon to book your getaway!

P.S. I have more blogs coming! It won’t be so long next time.