Well, as you could see from the last post, we have been working hard on our cabins.  We have a friend helping us with our website, but it probably won’t be ready until the fall.  In the meantime, you can visit our Facebook page to see photo albums of each cabin.  Click here.

We have a lot of ideas for the cabins and the property.  First of all, we are getting married here in September.  An old post may have said June, but that was wishful thinking.  We have our date set and we are making sure our event area is ready.  So far, I have added in our hammock sanctuary around the large fire pit.  There are solar powered twinkle lights that are so cute!  I found some tiki torches up in the attic and added them to the fun hang out area.  It looks so awesome!

We got a cat!  It’s my first pet since moving to Colorado!  We named him Otto.  For Otto Mears and John Otto, both pioneers and environmentalists in Colorado history.  Mostly we got a cat because we have mice.  If we keep our lil Otto happy he is going to kill all the rodents.  Did you know how much cats kill!?

Here are some of my goals:
 Long term:  I want to see about adding lofts.  Every cabin has a dropped ceiling.  It would be so awesome to open them up and add a loft.  The loft will most likely be very small, but small can be cool and cozy.  It might come down to just opening them up and having an open cabin showing the rafters instead of closed off.  

These are both such cool ideas!  Check out my pinterest page!

There is this show called Tiny Houses.  I don’t remember what network it’s on, but they should come help us.  They have so many cool projects!  We have 12 tiny houses.  It would be amazing if we could make them into space saving, optimized, little cabins!  I think our customers would love it!

Short term:  reinstall the hot tubs!!  Yeah!  The whole area where the hot tubs used to be is this cool tree island, and it could easily be a fun community hang out year round.  On one side of the pavilion are some charcoal grills.  Eventually it could have a larger grill for people to use.  We can add some more picnic tables.  Then add in more twinkle lights!  That would make two community areas on the property.  The picnic/hot tub area and the hammock/fire pit area.  We also are thinking of simply getting some lawn games. 

The community pavilion is a nice central area with a beautiful view of Deep Ward Lake.
We have a volleyball net.  We just need to set it up.  Then get some horseshoes and other lawn games.  Even if we don’t get around to remodeling the cabins, people want to hang out.  I think people come up here to enjoy the weather and the outdoors.  By having really awesome hang out areas, our customers won’t care if we end up having lofts or not.  That’s why this is the best short term goal.  Our property is quiet and beautiful.  We need to expand on the assets we already have.

We recently finished another goal.  The old owner took out wood stove heaters and put in super efficient electric heaters.  But when he did, he left some holes in the walls….  So I already fixed up cabin #3 with pallet boards.  Jeff fixed the other cabins.  And we just finished the last cabin with more pallet board.  


There’s always work to be done around here!  But we are mixing in some fun.  We have gone on many hikes and explorations.  This is a new area for us.  We need to keep exploring to make sure to be knowledgeable for our guests.  The best hike so far has been the Crag Crest Trail.  It is so amazing.  It’s a ridge that you hike up to, and then you can hike along the ridge.  There are steep drops to either side of the trail, so be careful!
 Had to take a selfie!
Such a cool hike!

Well we hope to see you soon!